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Star: Richie Calhoun

Macgyver Xxx: A Dreamzone Parody {dd
Macgyver Xxx: A Dreamzone Parody {dd
Release Date: 1/29/2013
Director: Van Anderson
Stars: Earl Slate | Ella Milano | James Bartholet | Jayden Lee | Richie Calhoun | Sabrina Taylor | Sasha Sweet
MacGyver knows how to get out of a jam. Using ordinary household items, Mac can solve just about any crisis. But when his best gal Friday and his ex-girlfriend are kidnapped by a nefarious criminal, he's going to have to use a whole new set of tools, including a rubber fist dildo, a condom, and a potato-chip can to save the day this time. But once he's found out that he's been double-crossed six ways from Sunday, the question is: will he want to? For the first time, MacGyver's loyalty to the Phoenix Foundation will be tested in a way that he might not be able to accept.